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Jay Leno’s Garage – Gabriel Iglesias’ ’66 Samba Bus

March 16, 2015

It’s a great show, Jay Leno’s Garage on Youtube. I think he’s found his true calling mixing his passion for cars with his TV persona. Here we find comedian Gabriel Iglesias showing off his 1966 Volkswagen Samba. He recalls buying his first car, a similar bus in much worse shape than this one, for $700. Gabriel mentions the ’66 featured here is probably worth around $100,000! In my opinion, no car has appreciated so rapidly and so high as the Volkswagen bus of late. He asks Jay not to take it on the freeway, but he does anyway. The reason for his concern was a sloppy steering box, but he didn’t come out and say it. All went well and the two funny men wind up at a local L.A. eatery.


009 Distributor – The Skinny

January 7, 2015


The Internet is a great place where you can justify just about any opinion by looking for like minded information. In the past I have written about the good experiences I have had with the Bosch 009 distributor. Many people believe it to be an inferior product that overall doesn’t perform well on VW street engines. With that in mind I came across a concise and to the point description over at the Kustom 1 Warehouse website. The key sentence is this, “009 distributors have more of an advance curve and will allow you car to reach top speeds faster.” The gas mileage may be bad, but there is a certain pep I feel when I run one on my ’73 bus. Arguably this is not a performance motor, but the effect seems to be similar. I have a 009 that I put a Pertronix ignition into last summer, can’t wait for spring to try it out.

’79 Barn Find Bus Rides Again!

September 29, 2013

After those end of kombi production posts I needed something to cheer me up, and here it is.  A family of Volkswagen enthusiasts rescues what appears to be a 1979 Riveria and returns it to its former glory. Speaking from personal experience, when you get an old bus you tell yourself your going to a take it to a shop for some serious restoration. However, the best thing might be to clean it up and learn how to do as much as you can on your own like these folks did. Besides it’s fun. That original looking orange paint really comes back to life with some rubbing compound and a 2 stage wax.

Forgotten Volkswagen Camper Van LIVES AGAIN !!!!!!! VW Bus

Great VW Bus/Camper Cover

January 5, 2012


Unless you have a garage or carport you’ll probably be parking your bus outside. It’s sad to watch the elements wear down all your hard work to keep the old van in good condition for next season. Water and debris traps, like the gutters or luggage rack, are some of the worst. Enter the Deluxe Bus & Vanagon Cover which appears to originate from Just Kampers in the U.K. I love mine so much I bought a second for my project bus. Dirt seems to fall right off the material, and as it advertises, it breathes so you won’t get any moisture build up on your paint or inside the vehicle. The zippers for the side doors are truly useful, I often pop into the van to start it up or simply recover from winter Type II withdrawal. No sticky tree sap, bird droppings or dust, my Westfalia looks just like it did after I washed and covered it in the fall. I got mine at the BusDepot.

’63 VW Bus Sells for $198,000!

July 18, 2011

Hold on to your wallet as you watch this video taken at the famous Barrett-Jackson auction in the U.S. It might make you feel better about all the money you’ve put into that old bus of yours. This 1963 Volkswagen bus is arguably better than new, and at this price (USD $198,000) you probably wouldn’t even want to drive it outside. I’m told that for some people who attend these high bidding events, money is certainly no object.

A ’63 VW bus fetches $198,000 at auction

Saved From The Crusher – ’73 VW Van

February 13, 2011

I cringe every time I see a Volkswagen van being parted out, even though I’m glad to find things I need. You’re recycling pieces of a vehicle that will never roll again. The Youtube post I originally had here was  a happy one documenting the rescue of a 1973 bus, unfortunately the video has been taken down.  In his written comments the author, Rob, mentioned some of the typical things that affect a VW that’s been sitting for a long time like leaky push rod tube seals and a failing mechanical fuel pump, but what made me smile is the bit about removing a rat’s nest from the engine bay.  That dark and warm cubbyhole is a welcome mat for rodents.  I had a similar experience with a van that had squirrels living in the air filter area, thankfully in my case nuts were readily available on nearby trees.  There were a lot of shells to remove, luckily no wires were chewed through.  Rob wasn’t so lucky but was able to repair the damage.  Here’s another video of a similar theme, a banged up old ’73 Westfalia that finds renewed purpose. Happy viewing!

Another 1958 Bus – Discovered in New Mexico Desert

February 26, 2010

This guy is really obsessed with vintage Volkswagen vans. Here he meets with an old hippie who has a bus that’s been sitting in the desert for 30 years from 1978. There are many other videos in the series in which the new owner fixes and drives the bus with his young family. I later saw it on eBay for about 6 thousand dollars.

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