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“The Bus” Movie (2012)

October 31, 2013

The Firewater Film Company recently produced a feature about the iconic Volkswagen van with emphasis on the old air-cooled models that we love so much. “The Bus” has been touring the film festival circuit and for some reason turned up on YouTube briefly.

“The bus, a documentary film by Damon Ristau” Just the thing for the obsessed VW van enthusiast. Many great moments, one thing you take away is that you should know how to fix as much of your bus as you can. The knowledge really comes in handy.

Here’s the trailer which sums up the mood of this cinematic piece, guaranteed to stimulate the release of endorphins in any VW lover.


New VW Van Documentary – “The Bus”

June 2, 2012

Just in time for summer, Damon Ristau has released his look at a cultural icon, and the overall magic that surrounds these vehicles. Certainly not the fastest or the most reliable they’ve plied roads worldwide for well over half a century. Most people have a Volkswagen bus story to relate, often to you the van owner as they walk toward you with a smile, “I had one of these once,” or “I was in a microbus and we all had to get out and push to make it up a steep hill.” The film is set to air on the Documentary Channel in the U.S. 8 PM Sunday July 29th 2012. Right now Ristau is touring with the film in North America. Here’s an article in the Vancouver Sun. Watch the trailers below.

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