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Great Canadian VW Show – Vancouver- 2014

August 17, 2014

Above is a video from the 23rd Great Canadian VW Show (2014) held in Vancouver Canada. Like any good Volkswagen gathering it attracts a huge following, from Bugs to Sciroccos and everything in between, including of course many buses. An awesome group of people. Here’s a video of last year’s event (2013,) take a virtual trip to one of the best shows around.  Video embedded from CanadaCustomsHotRods on Youtube.



Camper Jam Canada 2014 Moved due to Forest Fire

July 17, 2014


Canada has a VW Camper Jam, though much smaller than its British brother the same spirit is there. What could be better than touring through the Canadian Rockies in a Volkswagen camper?  Unfortunately a forest fire necessitated the event to be moved to another location also located in Alberta Canada. This message was on their webpage.

“Due to a forest fire in the area, We are scrambling to find a location for the 2014 Jam. We have a few potential spots lined up we are waiting to hear confirmation. For more up to date information Stay connected through our social media channels or if you have any questions click here

Later according to the group’s Facebook page Camper Jam was successfully moved to Drumheller, Alberta. Great events like that are always too short. Never enough time to meet everyone and check out every vehicle.









Kombi Tribute Video – Volkswagen Brazil

April 6, 2014

I don’t think there has ever been so much fanfare for a vehicle ending production, not even the Beetle which deserves its accolades too. I believe this video was produced by Volkswagen Brasil as a tip of the hat to one of the most successful vehicles of all time. So I guess we must accept that the Volkswagen van will not be coming back any time soon, but far from being gone many are still being driven worldwide. Add to that an abundance of affordable parts and I think we’ll be seeing a lot of bullis, buses, and kombis for a long time.

Call your Cuñados – eGarage Spotlights Splits

December 12, 2013


Looking at more than just the car eGarage delves deeper into the automotive world, the people, places and things that in this case make for seriously cool VW bus culture.  “Cuñado” means brother in Spanish, if you’ve ever driven down the road in a VW van you’ll know what that brotherhood, or sisterhood, is all about. I love the feeling they’ve captured in this short piece. Thank you eGarage!

Camper Jam 2012 Music Video!

October 19, 2012

Britain is perhaps the most campervan crazy nation on the planet. Even inclement weather cannot stop the staunch stalwarts in their efforts to congregate with their VW brethren. Come now and experience one of the great Volkswagen camper summer events. This was held in Shropshire, July 2012, a beautiful spot.

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