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“Blue Bus” Movie – Comedy in a Kombi (2011)

February 10, 2014

bluebus-trailerHere’s a comedy about a guy who receives a last request from a deceased friend to take his old VW Westfalia on a road trip across America. It’s filmed in a pseudo cinéma vérité style. It was released in 2011, now to find somewhere to rent a copy!



The Last Kombi? – “Keep hope alive!”

December 21, 2013


The final “Kombi Last Edition” has rolled off the assembly line in Brazil, but the venerable Transporter could be back soon. While the Brazilian government is looking at the possibility of exempting the VW van from new safety requirements, Volkswagen Brasil has made this statement: “If any official change in the law is upheld, Volkswagen will evaluate the possibility of continuing the production of Kombi” There should be a government announcement on Monday December 23rd, 2013. There are so many of these vehicles in the world today and they are just as popular as ever. I took a couple I know on a camping trip this summer in our ‘74 Westfalia, they loved it, are still talking about the journey, and are even going to put a picture of the bus on their wall. There is nothing quite like the view from the bay window or the aircraft like roar of the engine as you wind through old roads and new sights. I found this Jesse Jackson quote which would make a great Volkswagen bus bumper sticker, “Respect me! Protect me! Never neglect me!” Eye candy for today, a Brazilian video in Portuguese from 2006 comparing the old air-cooled Kombi with its then new water-cooled replacement. Brazilian government officials! How can you not save this vehicle?

’79 Barn Find Bus Rides Again!

September 29, 2013

After those end of kombi production posts I needed something to cheer me up, and here it is.  A family of Volkswagen enthusiasts rescues what appears to be a 1979 Riveria and returns it to its former glory. Speaking from personal experience, when you get an old bus you tell yourself your going to a take it to a shop for some serious restoration. However, the best thing might be to clean it up and learn how to do as much as you can on your own like these folks did. Besides it’s fun. That original looking orange paint really comes back to life with some rubbing compound and a 2 stage wax.

Forgotten Volkswagen Camper Van LIVES AGAIN !!!!!!! VW Bus

Dutch Couple Live and Work in an Early Bay Window VW Bus

April 20, 2013

Steven and Diana, a couple from the Netherlands, experience living on the road in a vintage Volkswagen camper. Along the way they work and end up helping out a group of Mexican school children get connected to the Internet with new laptops. Photo from their website above, three of their videos below beginning with the Mexican kids’ story:

VW Road Movie – Matt Palka’s Musical Journey

November 4, 2012

VW Bus Tour: Americana Bohemia” is a 2009 film by Matt Palka, a creative journey that puts the “Just Do It” philosophy in motion in the form of an early bay Volkswagen camper. As my grandmother used to say, “don’t wait for someone to give you a job, go out and make your own.” This is what Matt does, self publishing his book and CD to get the ball rolling. He travels the U.S. playing small venues with his guitar and selling  his novel along the way. The movie is just over an hour and 40 minutes, good fun. The trailer is above, the full movie below. Warning: occasional swearing.

Camper Jam 2012 Music Video!

October 19, 2012

Britain is perhaps the most campervan crazy nation on the planet. Even inclement weather cannot stop the staunch stalwarts in their efforts to congregate with their VW brethren. Come now and experience one of the great Volkswagen camper summer events. This was held in Shropshire, July 2012, a beautiful spot.

New VW Van Documentary – “The Bus”

June 2, 2012

Just in time for summer, Damon Ristau has released his look at a cultural icon, and the overall magic that surrounds these vehicles. Certainly not the fastest or the most reliable they’ve plied roads worldwide for well over half a century. Most people have a Volkswagen bus story to relate, often to you the van owner as they walk toward you with a smile, “I had one of these once,” or “I was in a microbus and we all had to get out and push to make it up a steep hill.” The film is set to air on the Documentary Channel in the U.S. 8 PM Sunday July 29th 2012. Right now Ristau is touring with the film in North America. Here’s an article in the Vancouver Sun. Watch the trailers below.

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