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Spotted: Bay Window Bus in an old Burger Chef Commercial

February 4, 2017

Burger who? It’s funny to think that this one time fast food giant was once serious competition for McDonald’s. My personal experience as a child, the food was so-so and the giveaways were fairly lame, but the restaurant buildings were very nicely designed. While the very last Burger Chef is said to have disappeared as late as 1996 this TV commercial looks to be  from 1971, the chain’s heyday in the early to mid 70s. A kids football team heads in to their local Burger Chef for some food after the game. Below, some screen capture highlights for VW van fans.



VW Bus Mobile Coffee Shop for Tsunami Stricken Japan

March 28, 2012

Yoshi’s Blend from Mackenzie Sheppard on Vimeo.

Japan based filmmaker Mackenzie Sheppard documents Yoshi Masuda’s passion for coffee, Volkswagen vans, and a desire to help others. Basically he takes his mobile coffee shop on the road to tsunami hit areas to raise spirits and encourage people to set up small coffee shops of their own, in part to reestablish a sense of community. The old phonograph and classic 78s provide a curiosity, music soothes the soul. It’s tough enough to keep one of these vintage vehicles running, more so in Japan where planned obsolescence means buying a new car before the old one wears out. In fact there’s an active export of high quality good used Japanese cars worldwide.  Note, Yoshi’s bus is right hand drive.

Taco + Combi = Tacombi

January 7, 2011

There’s nothing like inventing a new word especially when it involves the iconic Kombi, or Combi in this case. It seems this well kept and modified 60’s Volkswagen bus is living the life in New York where it vends Mexican food to the masses. From the video it looks like the cuisine is very good, but there’s no mistaking the attention the VW commands on the street or under cover in a former garage turned eatery.  Tacombi was formerly serving it up in Mexico and has now brought it’s Cancun charm to the U.S. as mentioned in this restaurant review in the New York Times.

This concept has worldwide appeal, for example Thailand has many bay window vans that have been converted into street bars, definitely cool.

The Barefoot Chef drives a VW Camper

October 15, 2006



Barefoot ChefSo there is this British fellow who’s gained notoriety for cooking food on his van.  He has a site, but the videos didn’t play for me there.  He’s also on Youtube check this video out.   Guess how he tenderizes his steak?

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