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Gap Mangione Volkswagen Van Album Cover

August 1, 2013

Click for zoom in of album cover.

This guy knows how to party. He’s Chuck Mangione‘s older brother Gap Mangione, no really. He’s a talented musician just like his younger sibling. This album came out in the seventies, “And The Kids Call It Boogie.” Personally I call it an early bay with a bunch of hot ladies chillin’ with the man. Got to admire a guy who knows what he likes and likes what he knows. Let’s face it, a bus is a chick magnet, I know women who want to ride in my van even if they have nowhere to go, oh yes. ..


Little Victories – Homemade VW Hubcap Puller

July 1, 2013

You can buy a VW hubcap puller for anywhere from 85 cents to 13 dollars online, but the supplier I use only had the expensive fancy ones. I figured I could make one like this for next to nothing out of a coat hanger or the like. Then, as I was standing in the basement, I noticed some disused wall hooks, you know the ones people use to hang up their tools etc. Wow, it looked too good to be true preshaped like it was made for the job. I headed for the driveway to test it out and lo and behold the magic of a re-purposed wall hook masquerading as an automotive tool.

Homemade VW Hubcap Puller

Homemade VW Hubcap Puller


Installed Original Factory Radio in my Bus!

April 21, 2012

A while back I picked up a period radio from a guy who was parting out his rusty orange ’79 Westy. Sadly his engine had blown up, and with it his wife’s dream of continued camping in a Westfalia.  I suspect the use of a poorly tuned Weber single carb may have played a role in the van’s demise. She said it was her dream car which made me feel all the more guilty as I took parts off it. In a week it was being sent to the crusher for scrap. I grabbed a lot of bits and pieces and he gave me a good price on everything. I think I paid 5 dollars for this AM only Volkswagen radio. Tough to see but it says “Volkswagen” on the face. I miss the old AM/FM cassette deck that was in there before, but this gets the van closer to original condition. Are you like me? I love the sound of AM radio, it’s dynamic and compressed, besides, that’s where all the oldies stations are. Perfect for a Sunday drive in the country behind the wheel of your VW bus.

Watch New TV Program – One Man and His Campervan

January 30, 2012

Join VW camper aficionado and food lover Martin Dorey as he wends his way around Britain in a very nice 1970s Volkswagen camper. There appear to be 10 episodes, I’ve found about half of them split into 15 minute segments on Youtube. Thanks to those who posted these as the BBC iPLayer won’t work outside the U.K. For your convenience I’ve put them all together in this playlist. So go get that bowl of popcorn and prepare to escape from the winter doldrums to a world of winding English country roads and remote beaches, air-cooled engines and a slower pace of life with “One Man and His Campervan.”

Country Homes Campers California

July 19, 2011

Country Homes Camper - VW Cross Section

It was too good to be true, Country Homes Campers in California stopped doing van conversions years ago, but they still maintain their website for posterity and parts supply. What really impresses me is the frugal and sensible layout of their VW campers. They’re most like the old Riveria conversions from Oregon. Here’s a cross section look at the layout, with closet/sink/fridge tucked up behind the drivers seat where it won’t block the view. The ’70s style flip up table, and three full seats at the rear which also makes for a bigger bed.

You can tell someone really put a lot of time into this design, taking the best and simplest ideas from past decades.They also converted Ford Aerostar vans and VW Eurovans. Here’s a shot of their Aerostar sink/fridge set up with table. This is great design, located away from the sliding door making for easy entry/exit and cargo hauling.

Here are some other shots of a 1985 conversion recently for sale.

VW Replica Camper with Pop top Roof

February 25, 2011

From Japan, I believe this is a Subaru Sambar van dolled up to be a mini VW replica camper.  Although unusual, I know the Sambars are done up new as campers in Japan for somewhere between 25 to 30 thousand dollars without the VW customization.  I saw one at a Tokyo RV show a few years back. This faux Volkswagen treatment seems appropriate as the vehicle design was obviously inspired by VW years ago.  I love the deluxe style rear bumper and the pop top which actually has a bed you can lie down on.

Converted Westfalia to be used as Mobile Photo Booth

February 3, 2011

The Magnolia Photo Booth Co. has raised enough funds to go ahead with a project to use a Volkswagen Westfalia, modified as a mobile photo booth, to tour the United States.  There is mention of using a 1982 model converted to biodiesel, but you can also see images of a bay window bus in this promotional video.  The idea is to have a snapshot of America, not unlike something you’d see in an old Life magazine. The company already provides old style but digital photo booths for weddings or corporate events. Now that they’ve raised enough money for the venture they plan to take their show on the road this spring or summer.

Magnolia Westfalia

Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

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