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Diesel Heater Mod for VW Bus

March 2, 2011

If you live somewhere cold heating your air cooled Volkswagen van can be a problem. This Youtube video comes from Canada and shows the clever installation of a Mikuni diesel heater.  The great thing about this heater is that it vents exhaust outside unlike, for example, a Coleman Sportcat heater which is not for use when the vehicle is moving.  Also, the Coleman camping heaters generate a lot of moisture and use up oxygen, instructions recommend proper ventilation. The Mikuni requires it’s own fuel and the performance looks amazing pumping out a lot of heat, maybe there could be a control vent that would aim some of it at the engine compartment before starting the engine on a snowy day. 

Footnote:  below is a warning from the Coleman Sportcat heater manual.  Great little units, perhaps best suited to tent use.Coleman Sportcat Heater

Sportcat Heater Warning



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