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Classic Car Rescue takes on a Volkswagen Splitty

March 7, 2015

In this Canadian British collaboration you’ll see a very rusty 1966 split window Volkswagen camper reborn. Although the pre-68 VW bus hobby is quickly becoming a rich man’s sport, it is nice to see one return to the road. Happy viewing.



La Combi Celeste – Soccer Fan Van

June 19, 2014

A group of five Uruguayan soccer fans has taken to the road in a vintage Combi to cheer on their team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Named “La Combi Celeste” this is one cool fan van. They had the bus renovated with a blue and white combination in tribute to Uruguay’s flag. This is one of those wonderfully odd South American Volkswagen vans that features a real mix of bus styling from many different incarnations. From the front it looks like a late bay, from the rear mostly a slpitty. I’d  love to have one of these! Here’s an article on the bus and its occupants put through Google translate. Follow them on Twitter! (The video is in Spanish, el vídeo está en Spanis)


Call your Cuñados – eGarage Spotlights Splits

December 12, 2013


Looking at more than just the car eGarage delves deeper into the automotive world, the people, places and things that in this case make for seriously cool VW bus culture.  “Cuñado” means brother in Spanish, if you’ve ever driven down the road in a VW van you’ll know what that brotherhood, or sisterhood, is all about. I love the feeling they’ve captured in this short piece. Thank you eGarage!

Amazing ’51 VW Barn Door Rescue

December 6, 2013

Check out this awesome helicopter recovery of a rare 1951 barn door Volkswagen bus in the woods of Sweden. It’s just a shell, still there is enough for these automotive experts to bring it back too life. Can’t wait to see the finished restoration.

’79 Barn Find Bus Rides Again!

September 29, 2013

After those end of kombi production posts I needed something to cheer me up, and here it is.  A family of Volkswagen enthusiasts rescues what appears to be a 1979 Riveria and returns it to its former glory. Speaking from personal experience, when you get an old bus you tell yourself your going to a take it to a shop for some serious restoration. However, the best thing might be to clean it up and learn how to do as much as you can on your own like these folks did. Besides it’s fun. That original looking orange paint really comes back to life with some rubbing compound and a 2 stage wax.

Forgotten Volkswagen Camper Van LIVES AGAIN !!!!!!! VW Bus

Colin’s Alaskan Camper – by The Video Volks

June 16, 2013

I love a good story, especially one that involves a Volkswagen camper. Call it blind ambition, sheer determination, maybe even naivete, sometimes we find ourselves committed to something that others find crazy or impossible. It wasn’t cheap, but Colin Smith now has his battered not running 60s VW camper at home in England after a year of trying to rescue the old bus from the depths of Alaska. I like how his Dad joins the ultimate mission to Valdez to bring it back by U-Haul and ship. Good luck Colin, may you make many more friends in your journey to get Bugsy roadworthy.

Thank you to The Video Volks who produced this Youtube series.

Installed Original Factory Radio in my Bus!

April 21, 2012

A while back I picked up a period radio from a guy who was parting out his rusty orange ’79 Westy. Sadly his engine had blown up, and with it his wife’s dream of continued camping in a Westfalia.  I suspect the use of a poorly tuned Weber single carb may have played a role in the van’s demise. She said it was her dream car which made me feel all the more guilty as I took parts off it. In a week it was being sent to the crusher for scrap. I grabbed a lot of bits and pieces and he gave me a good price on everything. I think I paid 5 dollars for this AM only Volkswagen radio. Tough to see but it says “Volkswagen” on the face. I miss the old AM/FM cassette deck that was in there before, but this gets the van closer to original condition. Are you like me? I love the sound of AM radio, it’s dynamic and compressed, besides, that’s where all the oldies stations are. Perfect for a Sunday drive in the country behind the wheel of your VW bus.

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