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Matt Wants A VW Bus – MattsRadShow

August 19, 2017

This is a really well produced video that looks at the Volkswagen bus from the perspective of someone who is just starting their hunt for an affordable yet usable one. Join MattsRadShow as he visits Jerry at J.A.C. Auto, also a special guest appearance by his nephew “J” owner of Sunset Classics which often has vintage VW buses for sale. This is like a mini movie/documentary, thank you Matt!



Car S.O.S. Restore a Devon VW Camper

February 18, 2016

carsosvwcamperThis is so nice to see. These guys have a great work ethic, all they want to do is give a retired gentleman, who is recovering from a stroke, his dream back. Fun and games as they conspire to sneak the bus away for the restoration. The video is also quite educational for those looking to fix an old Volkswagen bay that might have been sitting, this one sat for 17 years, but thankfully  in a garage. I liked the explanation of the torsion bar suspension and brakes. Let this be motivation for those upcoming spring VW bus projects out there.

Call your Cuñados – eGarage Spotlights Splits

December 12, 2013


Looking at more than just the car eGarage delves deeper into the automotive world, the people, places and things that in this case make for seriously cool VW bus culture.  “Cuñado” means brother in Spanish, if you’ve ever driven down the road in a VW van you’ll know what that brotherhood, or sisterhood, is all about. I love the feeling they’ve captured in this short piece. Thank you eGarage!

Saved From The Crusher – ’73 VW Van

February 13, 2011

I cringe every time I see a Volkswagen van being parted out, even though I’m glad to find things I need. You’re recycling pieces of a vehicle that will never roll again. The Youtube post I originally had here was  a happy one documenting the rescue of a 1973 bus, unfortunately the video has been taken down.  In his written comments the author, Rob, mentioned some of the typical things that affect a VW that’s been sitting for a long time like leaky push rod tube seals and a failing mechanical fuel pump, but what made me smile is the bit about removing a rat’s nest from the engine bay.  That dark and warm cubbyhole is a welcome mat for rodents.  I had a similar experience with a van that had squirrels living in the air filter area, thankfully in my case nuts were readily available on nearby trees.  There were a lot of shells to remove, luckily no wires were chewed through.  Rob wasn’t so lucky but was able to repair the damage.  Here’s another video of a similar theme, a banged up old ’73 Westfalia that finds renewed purpose. Happy viewing!

1968 VW Camper Starts After 10 Years of Sitting

March 8, 2010

Air cooled motors are simple and have an advantage over water cooled, nothing to freeze and crack. This old bus gets on the road again with a little help from his friends.

Another 1958 Bus – Discovered in New Mexico Desert

February 26, 2010

This guy is really obsessed with vintage Volkswagen vans. Here he meets with an old hippie who has a bus that’s been sitting in the desert for 30 years from 1978. There are many other videos in the series in which the new owner fixes and drives the bus with his young family. I later saw it on eBay for about 6 thousand dollars.

Kombi Rescue Australia – ’58 Starts After 20 Years!

February 25, 2010

Sadly this video has been taken down from Youtube, but there are a couple of others below showing the van more recently. If you have doubts about the motor in your project bus that’s been sitting for a few years have a look at this amazing story. Okay, so this one is rusted to bits, but it starts and drives. I believe the video was made around 1998, the owner Georgina mentions it was parked for 20 years from 1978. She used it for ten years as a catering vehicle and also let her German Shepards ride up front, lucky dogs! Look below the screen shot of the missing video for two other related videos made some years later about the 1958 Kombi called St. George, but this was the one that shows it starting after an amazing two decades.

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