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Danbury Motorcaravans Spring Open Weekend 2018

March 12, 2018


Danbury Motorcaravans are holding their Spring 2018 Open Weekend on March 17-18th at their headquarters in England. If you’re in the U.K. and near Bristol this would be a lot of fun. If I could be there I’d seriously be looking at this bad boy, a 2012 VW T2 Rio. Although it is counter to my air-cooled sensibilities I must admit it is one cool ride. Hmm, I think I’d add a roof rack over the cab. I imagine the interior is what VW Westfalia conversions would have evolved to had our German friends been allowed to continue the manufacture of bay window buses post 1979. (this being a 2012 water-cooled T2 from Brazil)

From their newsletter:  “Join us for our Spring Open Weekend, at our Bristol HQ, where you can view our full range of Danbury Campervans and also join in with some family-fun activities!”

“Find Your Next Campervan Here!”







Car S.O.S. Restore a Devon VW Camper

February 18, 2016

carsosvwcamperThis is so nice to see. These guys have a great work ethic, all they want to do is give a retired gentleman, who is recovering from a stroke, his dream back. Fun and games as they conspire to sneak the bus away for the restoration. The video is also quite educational for those looking to fix an old Volkswagen bay that might have been sitting, this one sat for 17 years, but thankfully  in a garage. I liked the explanation of the torsion bar suspension and brakes. Let this be motivation for those upcoming spring VW bus projects out there.

Installed Original Factory Radio in my Bus!

April 21, 2012

A while back I picked up a period radio from a guy who was parting out his rusty orange ’79 Westy. Sadly his engine had blown up, and with it his wife’s dream of continued camping in a Westfalia.  I suspect the use of a poorly tuned Weber single carb may have played a role in the van’s demise. She said it was her dream car which made me feel all the more guilty as I took parts off it. In a week it was being sent to the crusher for scrap. I grabbed a lot of bits and pieces and he gave me a good price on everything. I think I paid 5 dollars for this AM only Volkswagen radio. Tough to see but it says “Volkswagen” on the face. I miss the old AM/FM cassette deck that was in there before, but this gets the van closer to original condition. Are you like me? I love the sound of AM radio, it’s dynamic and compressed, besides, that’s where all the oldies stations are. Perfect for a Sunday drive in the country behind the wheel of your VW bus.

French Canadian Westfalias on TV

November 13, 2006

French VW campers

Unfortunately this video was removed from Youtube. It was a clip from a TV station in Quebec featuring interviews with three Westfalia owners. There were some nice interior shots of three different vans. I liked how happy the owners were to be custodians of  fine examples of German engineering. The screencap is all that’s left.

Calypso Campers custom fitted VW van interiors

September 5, 2006

It’s always great to find another business in support of the classic Volkswagen van.   Have you ever noticed that Vanagon drivers don’t usually wave back at bays and splitties?  However oSplitty new interiorne did the other day, in fact the driver initiated the wave I simply returned it.  I grew up like many people with a bay window in our family’s driveway. Calypso Campers is a family business located in Salisbury, Wiltshire in the UK. They have a standard interior with kitchen and all “Fully fitted for £1950 inc vat” or about $3,700 US. I plan to put up about $5,000 to have mine redone, but that will include a total strip down, paint inside and out, a new windshield, window rubber and a top of the line pop-up canvas. Calypso are truly interior specialists just look at their site. This photo shows an interior they did for a splittie, amazing! Great motivation for anyone thinking of redoing a VW camper, unfortunately they only do the vans themselves and don’t sell DIY kits.

Book on Volkswagen camping conversion interiors!

September 2, 2006

VW camper interiorsI must have a copy of this book by David Eccles which details many of the conversions made over the years from 1951 through 2005. Though the Westfalia is the best known, there were many other innovators like Sundial, Adventurewagen, Riviera and more. Since I’m currently looking for a practical interior for my recently purchased 1974 Westfalia this book will be a great help. David also has a Volkswagen Camper magazine which I have to subscribe to. Just what is the best interior, one with all the mod cons or something more zen allowing for extra seating? Soon in this blog I’ll be looking at some of my favorite set ups. Having driven a 1973 Campmobile some years ago that had custom sink and cupboard that held a standard ice cooler, I have to say I’m leaning toward a simple approach for my Westy.

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