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“When I’m Rich I’ll Have My Own VW Garage”

February 3, 2018

I occasionally  point out to my friends someone rich and famous who doesn’t own any vintage Volkswagens, for example I’ll say something like; “…do you know how many Volkswagens Madonna owns?…That’s right none! All that money and no air-cooled VWs.” Now here’s a guy I understand, comedian Gabriel Iglesias had a Volkswagen split window bus that was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. After his visit to Jay’s a light bulb went on, as Gabriel was doing very well in his career he decided to start his own Leno like garage except devoted almost exclusively to air-cooled buses!!! Did he say thirty vintage buses? The collection must be worth several million dollars! Remember we love our buses because……….we love our buses! Not because they’re worth a lot of money these days. Enjoy this video tour by Salomondrin on YouTube.


’55 VW Panel Bus Rescue

January 18, 2018

This is stuff dreams are made of, imagine finding this gem in the forest. However, these guys take it to the limit by driving it out of the woods! It wasn’t easy, but they had all the right friends to help out. If not for the tin roofing covering the Volkswagen it might have been in much worse condition after four decades in the trees. YouTube‘s “Florian George” presents, “RESURRECTION – Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan – Forest find !

Jerry Seinfeld Spotlights a Westfalia

June 18, 2016


Jerry Seinfeld’s “new” show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a simple concept and it works well, especially when he chooses a 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia as the vehicle for his comedy. Here he teams up with fellow comedian Jim Gaffigan in the camper juxtaposed with the streets of New York. It’s ironic that they both claim to prepare for their routines, yet this seems fairly natural and off the cuff. If you’re a fan of both Volkswagen campers and the long running TV sitcom Seinfeld then this is the video for you. Click the picture to watch.

Hasta Alaska – “You could not write this stuff”

June 3, 2016


Good news/bad news, Ben finally gets his U.S Visa! But…the Kombi is in a bit of a fix. From Vancouver to Haines Alaska, and now Whitehorse in the Yukon, the Kombi Life adventure continues. A must watch video in the series.

At first I thought, why is Fidel Castro putting out that fire? Maybe it’s just the angle, it is in fact Ben’s incredibly helpful friend in Haines who saved the bus just in time. And I really want one of these T-Shirts! You can support Kombi Life by purchasing one here.


Car S.O.S. Restore a Devon VW Camper

February 18, 2016

carsosvwcamperThis is so nice to see. These guys have a great work ethic, all they want to do is give a retired gentleman, who is recovering from a stroke, his dream back. Fun and games as they conspire to sneak the bus away for the restoration. The video is also quite educational for those looking to fix an old Volkswagen bay that might have been sitting, this one sat for 17 years, but thankfully  in a garage. I liked the explanation of the torsion bar suspension and brakes. Let this be motivation for those upcoming spring VW bus projects out there.

The Ever Increasing Price of the Vintage VW Bus

November 19, 2014

On the one hand it’s nice to know something you’ve invested in is increasing in value, but I can’t help but cringe when I see how much these old beauties are being flipped for. Admittedly the guys at Wheeler Dealers in the U.K. did add some handy upgrades to this old split window bus including a modern steering box. The upshot is they have preserved the vehicle for future owners. I do like the show and have enjoyed other episodes featuring other vehicles, however I did find it amusing how they talked the lady they bought the bus from down on her price of $14,800 to $14,000 , but were firm with theirs re-selling at a whopping £25,000! They turned a profit of more than 8,000 pounds. Then again they had to ship it from the U.S. etc. The obsession some people have for these Volkswagens is incredible leading to a “I’ll pay whatever it takes” mentality to get that special bus. Just a few years ago $10,000 would go far, and it still can, but the new reality is more often a sellers market and the older the bus the higher the price. wheeler-bus

Brubaker Box – Aircooled VW Aftermarket Van of the 70s

February 17, 2014

Behold the Brubaker Box or Brubaker Sports Van if you prefer. Built for a short time in the 70s only 53 were produced, though I see mention of a kit version if I’m correct. This van sits on a beetle chassis with no driver’s door! Very cool, fun to drive. No wonder DJ Greyboy took a fancy to this one when it came up for sale in the U.S., and it needed a lot of restoration. Strangely the words Volkswagen, air-cooled, Beetle, or bug are never mentioned in this awesome video by eGarage. The cool sound track music is by Andreas Stevens, aka Greyboy the car’s owner.  I really like the eGarage channel on Youtube.

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