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Gap Mangione Volkswagen Van Album Cover

August 1, 2013

Click for zoom in of album cover.

This guy knows how to party. He’s Chuck Mangione‘s older brother Gap Mangione, no really. He’s a talented musician just like his younger sibling. This album came out in the seventies, “And The Kids Call It Boogie.” Personally I call it an early bay with a bunch of hot ladies chillin’ with the man. Got to admire a guy who knows what he likes and likes what he knows. Let’s face it, a bus is a chick magnet, I know women who want to ride in my van even if they have nowhere to go, oh yes. ..


ABC’s Barbara Walters explores Teri Hatcher’s air cooled Volkswagen camper…

December 26, 2005

Update July 2013: I recently came across the TV interview on Youtube. By the way it’s a microbus not a “minibus.”

This subject came to my attention when a friend sent me an article, knowing my obsession with Westies, about Teri Hatcher’s victory in a lawsuit against a British tabloid. The Daily Sport alleged that the Desperate Housewives star had sex*romps in her van, an allegation she denied. To me this is but a sidebar to the real story which is that a famous actress owns a classic Volkswagen camper. In fact Teri was interviewed by Barbara Walters on TV which prompted the following comment in a forum at the Volkswagen site

Terri Hatcher VanQuote from theSamba forum: “Barbara Walters just didn’t get it. When it was done she said something to the effect of ‘But really… You have plenty of money, surely you can afford something a little nicer now.’ She probably had one of her personal assistants place a towel under her*ass before she sat down. Absolutely no clue how the other half lives, she lost a lot of my respect as a journalist with that statement.”

The actual post on theSamba hs since been removed.
Post subject: Teri Hatcher’s interviewed in her VW Camper on Barbara Walters

Beachcomber star fancied the Westy…

December 19, 2005

'75 Campmobile ad

If you’re Canadian you probably remember the CBC television series The Beachcombers which depicted the fictitious colorful life of a small coastal town called Gibson’s Landing, it’s a real place. On the show Jackson Davies played constable…wait for it…John Constable, couldn’t they come up with a more believable name? Jackson purchased a Westfalia as he thought it would be cool to have his own dressing room, how frugal and Canadian of him. By the way, according to the CBC Web site the “beachcombers are back” with a Christmas special that pits the cast playing hockey against a team of ex-pros. Sunday, December 25, 2005 at 8pm, be there!…Okay I missed it too, but there are those who are adamant about, I mean aboot getting the Beachcombers back as a regular series.

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