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“Campervan Crazy” book on VW Campers

December 28, 2006

Camper Van Crazy

Here’s another book by David Eccles, I’ve already ordered his other publication on VW camper interiors. This one focuses more on people and travels apparently. Should be a good read. Don’t forget his magazine as well.


Book on Volkswagen camping conversion interiors!

September 2, 2006

VW camper interiorsI must have a copy of this book by David Eccles which details many of the conversions made over the years from 1951 through 2005. Though the Westfalia is the best known, there were many other innovators like Sundial, Adventurewagen, Riviera and more. Since I’m currently looking for a practical interior for my recently purchased 1974 Westfalia this book will be a great help. David also has a Volkswagen Camper magazine which I have to subscribe to. Just what is the best interior, one with all the mod cons or something more zen allowing for extra seating? Soon in this blog I’ll be looking at some of my favorite set ups. Having driven a 1973 Campmobile some years ago that had custom sink and cupboard that held a standard ice cooler, I have to say I’m leaning toward a simple approach for my Westy.

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