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Call your Cuñados – eGarage Spotlights Splits

December 12, 2013


Looking at more than just the car eGarage delves deeper into the automotive world, the people, places and things that in this case make for seriously cool VW bus culture.  “Cuñado” means brother in Spanish, if you’ve ever driven down the road in a VW van you’ll know what that brotherhood, or sisterhood, is all about. I love the feeling they’ve captured in this short piece. Thank you eGarage!


Amazing ’51 VW Barn Door Rescue

December 6, 2013

Check out this awesome helicopter recovery of a rare 1951 barn door Volkswagen bus in the woods of Sweden. It’s just a shell, still there is enough for these automotive experts to bring it back too life. Can’t wait to see the finished restoration.

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