Will Kombi Live On? – The Latest

I’ve been unable to find conclusive evidence that the Volkswagen Kombi will continue to be produced in Brazil in 2014. However, there are some tantalizing bits and pieces in the Brazilian press that make it seem like the bus could be left in production for 3 more years which would bring it up to 2016. Here’s a Google translation from a Brazilian news site, the referred to Tuesday being December 17th, 2013:

“Government keeps requirement for airbag and ABS, but can save the Kombi”  2013-12-17

“BRASILIA – The finance minister, Guido Mantega, said on Tuesday that the government will stick to the schedule that provides for compulsory manufacture 100% of domestic vehicles, from 2014, with airbag and ABS brakes as mandatory items. He said, however, that an exceptionality to the van, which would give two or three years of life for the vehicle can be created.”  Translated from Economia Estadao

Apparently 1000 workers will be affected by the layoffs, and perhaps saving the jobs is a key motivation to prolong production. Maybe they could produce them for export only, Britain has no problem letting them in, the same goes for  some other European countries. Today’s video comes from Youtube user Programa Vrum and features some great historical shots of the factory floor in Brazil.

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2 Comments on “Will Kombi Live On? – The Latest”

  1. VeeDubKate Says:

    I wrote an article about this the other week and have a couple of friends in Brazil keeping me up to date, currently everyone in Brazil is still on holiday for the Christmas period. As soon as I hear I will be posting up on my blog http://www.classicvolks.com/blog so keep an eye on that 🙂 Great blog by the way, I’m about to pop and click the follow button 🙂

    • Thanks VeeDubKate, yes I agree the holidays slow down a lot of things. Hopefully they’ll be able to catch their breath and make the right decision..to keep the Kombi of course!

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