Daily Mail Video Marks End of Kombi Production in Brazil

Full Daily Mail story here. Video features an interview with Volkswagen Brasil management about why they won’t be continuing with the vehicle that has won the hearts of many Brazilians over the years, as well as the minions of Volkswagen enthusiasts around the globe. Fans can take solace in the fact that more than 10 million Type 2 buses have been produced over the past 63 years, and with the love and and care they inspire we’ll most likely be seeing them motoring down the road for a long time. My babies are in the garage this winter, I think I’ll go out there this afternoon, start them up and reflect on their greatness. Can’t wait for spring!


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One Comment on “Daily Mail Video Marks End of Kombi Production in Brazil”

  1. Friend of the bus Says:

    Got my first westy and love it so do other earthlings, it is skookum eh!

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