End of Kombi Production December 31st, 2013

Go Beats News tells it like it is, the end is near for the final production run of the legendary VW bus. For purists, the last air-cooled version rolled of the assembly line in late 2005, but a new water-cooled motor was only to be a reprieve for the Kombi as new vehicle standards are forcing the innovative Brazilian arm of Volkswagen to stop what has been an incredible 63 year run worldwide, 57 of those years in Brazil. The Last Edition Kombi is reported to be selling for an affordable US $36,000. Still can’t import them to North America. I will continue to enjoy my buses, fixing, learning and waving while driving at those who feel the same.

Here’s some more eye candy of the Last Edition bus, by GoPro on Youtube:




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One Comment on “End of Kombi Production December 31st, 2013”

  1. […] those end of kombi production posts I needed something to cheer me up, and here it is.  A family of Volkswagen enthusiasts […]

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