New Danbury VW Camper is $78,000


I was looking at current Danbury prices for brand new Volkswagen campers. I suppose £48636 or $78,000 isn’t that outrageous considering what other RVs cost these days. The fact that you can get these NEW at all is simply amazing. It makes me feel good about my buses, hopefully they will retain their value, not that I’m about to sell either of them.

Update: Volkswagen Brazil will cease production of the legendary Type II bus at the end of 2013. Please see this post for more.

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3 Comments on “New Danbury VW Camper is $78,000”

  1. Joe Average Says:

    Wow – that’s rich.

    Sure wish VW would bring back the baywindow to the USA and sell them for about $25K. I’d be happy to do the camper package install myself. Just sell me the van with the pop-top installed.

    Their “new” price makes it easy to justify rebuilding my ’78 Westy’s suspension and a new paint job… 😉

  2. Jade Says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that Danbury’s price was half this. :(ka

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