How To Change Oil on a VW Bus















Summertime means a lot of driveway maintenance, personally I’m reading all I can to be more self sufficient when it comes to keeping my Volkswagens in good running order. Three must have books are, John Muir’s How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, the Haynes VW Transporter Automotive Repair Manual, and last but certainly not least, the almighty Bentley Volkswagen Official Service Manual for Station Wagon/Bus. I find there are valuable tips to be found on the same subject in all three publications. Our high temperature air-cooled engines like good quality oil, my research led me to use Shell Rotella T 15/40 oil which is recommended for diesel motors. Good stuff, my babies love it. Castrol 10/40 is another I’ve used. Here’s a well produced video by Korduroy.TV‘s surf community showing how to change your oil on a bay window VW bus. The only thing missing is the part where you change the oil strainer, then again I was told by a professional VW mechanic not to clean or change the oil strainer, the theory being that it’s not necessary if the regular oil filter is doing it’s job.  Also because it IS possible to over torque the oil screen bolt and permanently damage the engine case by cracking it! In fact, my mechanic friend said in all the engines he’s seen brought in for a rebuild he’s never found any dirty or clogged oil strainers. This video does give you a good idea of what it’s like to work on a bus. One valuable tip, only hand tighten the oil filter.  

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