New VW Van Documentary – “The Bus”

Just in time for summer, Damon Ristau has released his look at a cultural icon, and the overall magic that surrounds these vehicles. Certainly not the fastest or the most reliable they’ve plied roads worldwide for well over half a century. Most people have a Volkswagen bus story to relate, often to you the van owner as they walk toward you with a smile, “I had one of these once,” or “I was in a microbus and we all had to get out and push to make it up a steep hill.” The film is set to air on the Documentary Channel in the U.S. 8 PM Sunday July 29th 2012. Right now Ristau is touring with the film in North America. Here’s an article in the Vancouver Sun. Watch the trailers below.

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2 Comments on “New VW Van Documentary – “The Bus””

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  2. […] is a documentary about the VW that I am interested in seeing called The Bus. Should be a fun hour or so – and will be sure to get us antsy for some road adventures but […]

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