Installed Original Factory Radio in my Bus!

A while back I picked up a period radio from a guy who was parting out his rusty orange ’79 Westy. Sadly his engine had blown up, and with it his wife’s dream of continued camping in a Westfalia.  I suspect the use of a poorly tuned Weber single carb may have played a role in the van’s demise. She said it was her dream car which made me feel all the more guilty as I took parts off it. In a week it was being sent to the crusher for scrap. I grabbed a lot of bits and pieces and he gave me a good price on everything. I think I paid 5 dollars for this AM only Volkswagen radio. Tough to see but it says “Volkswagen” on the face. I miss the old AM/FM cassette deck that was in there before, but this gets the van closer to original condition. Are you like me? I love the sound of AM radio, it’s dynamic and compressed, besides, that’s where all the oldies stations are. Perfect for a Sunday drive in the country behind the wheel of your VW bus.

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