Nice Spray Can Paint Job for an Orange Westfalia

Update 2013-05-28: Some experts say painting a car with Tremclad could make it difficult to respray with regular auto paint in the future. That is, it could be a problem to remove and there is the possibility of an adhesion issue if you simply painted over it. However, if you stay with Tremclad you’d be fine. That said, getting a spray can made from your original paint code could be as much as 3 times the cost of Tremclad. The code should be behind the drivers seat, for example “L 20 B” is the classic brilliant orange. We now return to our regular programming, thank you.

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Apparently Tremclad or Rustoleum’s “Real Orange” is a close match to what I refer to as the Westfalia pumpkin orange. Recently I came across a few threads by people who say they’ve painted their vehicles themselves with success, some with rollers. That is to say it doesn’t look homemade. Rolling does have its advantages, no over spray and less masking. However, I can’t seem to find any Real Orange that isn’t in a spray can to try on my project bus.  Same experience for the person who made this slide show of their amazing result when they sprayed their orange bus. Click on the comparison photo for a slideshow. This is on the VW Camper Family website, their slogan is, “A camping forum for VW bus and camper owners.” It was a lot of work, but worth it.

Click for slideshow

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One Comment on “Nice Spray Can Paint Job for an Orange Westfalia”

  1. VW Westfalia Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Its looking good now. You can also get decals to decorate the westfalia.

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