Country Homes Campers California

Country Homes Camper - VW Cross Section

It was too good to be true, Country Homes Campers in California stopped doing van conversions years ago, but they still maintain their website for posterity and parts supply. What really impresses me is the frugal and sensible layout of their VW campers. They’re most like the old Riveria conversions from Oregon. Here’s a cross section look at the layout, with closet/sink/fridge tucked up behind the drivers seat where it won’t block the view. The ’70s style flip up table, and three full seats at the rear which also makes for a bigger bed.

You can tell someone really put a lot of time into this design, taking the best and simplest ideas from past decades.They also converted Ford Aerostar vans and VW Eurovans. Here’s a shot of their Aerostar sink/fridge set up with table. This is great design, located away from the sliding door making for easy entry/exit and cargo hauling.

Here are some other shots of a 1985 conversion recently for sale.

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4 Comments on “Country Homes Campers California”

  1. don Says:

    can i buy it?

  2. Rick Says:

    For Don, I have an Aerostar Country Homes Camper listed for sale on their website. … For more info call me (Rick) at 818-470-2565.

  3. Keltain Says:

    Where can i get a back seat and bed for one of these? I have one but those parts are missing

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