Brazilian TV Spotlights New VW Kombi

An automotive program in Brazil called Meucarango na TV spotlighted the new Volkswagen Type II van in 2010.  This is a nice tour of the whole vehicle with a good narrative, albeit in Portuguese. These classic style VW vans are still being made in Brazil equipped with water cooled engines since 2006.  Some are shipped to Danbury Motor Caravans in the U.K. where they’re magically transformed into campers that make you feel like you’re in an alternate universe where Volkswagen Germany never stopped making them as they did in this time continuum in 1979.

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4 Comments on “Brazilian TV Spotlights New VW Kombi”

  1. victor Says:

    I beg you, let me know contact details of such an enterprise, producing Volkswagen transporter in Brazil, please.

  2. Hello again Victor, unfortunately Volkswagen Brasil has stopped production of the Kombi. Here’s their site from the Internet Archive.

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