Campervan Crisis TV Series Documents VW Bus Restoration

Campervan Crisis is a brief TV series that came out on Discovery Real Time in the U.K. around 2006.  It chronicles the restoration of a 1965 Devon Volkswagen camper by Nigel Isted and friends. Five episodes in all at about 23 minutes each, not counting commercials. Nigel’s van was really rough, in fact the structure nearly came to pieces when they pulled it apart and dipped it in an acid bath to begin the full resto, which turned out very well in the end. It’s good to watch something like this if you have any doubts about your own bus project. Most of us aren’t up against this kind of trouble. Youtube has a well edited promo which was posted by a person who says they worked on the DVD release. There’s  also a companion series called Beetle Crisis which follows the same type of story line. 

Several of the episodes are on Google Video:

Campervan Crisis Episode 01
Campervan Crisis Episode 02
Campervan Crisis Episode 04

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2 Comments on “Campervan Crisis TV Series Documents VW Bus Restoration”

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  2. Luisa Cuellar Says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Do you or do you know any other show or company that helps people with disabilities fix up their vehicles? I am a single mom of 1 young adult and 3 young children and I took over 24/7 Care of a childhood family friend whom is paralyzed (Quadriplegic C-4). I bought a van so that we can travel with him, but it has many many many mechanical and cosmedic issues. It is still very difficult and harmful to his health when we travel! His body temp must be regulated at all times, he needs suctioning through his trach often throughout each day and he has chronic pain, but he loves to go places and hates being stuck in a bed or at home watching tv in his wheelchair! Please please please let me know if you can point me in the right direction to obtain any help possible. Thanks a Bunch for your time and consideration,
    Luisa, Raymond, Paradise, Arianna, Julian & Jeramiah 

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