Traveling the Canadian Rockies in a 1978 Westfalia (1998)

Join Americans Dayna and Penn in their ’78 Volkswagen Westfalia “Hamfood” as they tour Canada  from Kamloops to Banff in this series of Youtube videos. Having driven this route many times in the past I can identify with their occasional impatience with the monotony of the scenery as beautiful as it is. It definitely looks shorter on the map, but this is some serious long distance driving. Two people enjoying each other’s company on a road trip with no digital distractions, they use paper maps and often speak with German accents. What is it with explaining things with a German accent? It sounds so good.  Checking their Youtube profile life seems to have been good as they appear to have a couple of cute kids now, but what of Hamfood? Do they still have the van? I’ll bet as they look back at these videos they can hardly imagine a time before they were parents. In 1998, the time this was shot, the Westy would have only been 20 years old. It does well and there are some great action shots from inside the vehicle while on the highway. Titled “Hamfood Greater American Tour ’98!,” there are six episodes in all.

“Episode 1: Are we somewhere north of Kamloops? The year was 1998. Gas was priced around $1.09. We embark on a three month, 13000 mile road trip …”

Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:

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