Video Tour Danbury Motor Caravans – New Type II VW Camper

Take a tour through the Danbury Motor Caravans showroom in the U.K. It’s funny to think that these brand new Type II’s are more modern than Vanagons in that they’re still in  production. I contacted Danbury a few years ago about importing one of their new bay window campers to North America. They said they could send it, but as far as I could figure it wouldn’t be allowed in by the government and it would have been around $60,000. So if these classic style VW vans are so popular why are they only being brought into a limited number of countries. Danbury gets the new watercooled vans from Brazil. I like the faux wheel at the front to disguise the radiator. The Brazilian Kombis and Danbury conversions should definitely be offered in some way at regular VW showrooms, I’m waiting.

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