Kombi Rescue Australia – ’58 Starts After 20 Years!

Sadly this video has been taken down from Youtube, but there are a couple of others below showing the van more recently. If you have doubts about the motor in your project bus that’s been sitting for a few years have a look at this amazing story. Okay, so this one is rusted to bits, but it starts and drives. I believe the video was madeĀ around 1998, the owner Georgina mentions it was parked for 20 years from 1978. She used it for ten years as a catering vehicle and also let her German Shepards ride up front, lucky dogs! Look below the screen shot of the missing video for two other related videos made some years later about the 1958 Kombi called St. George, but this was the one that shows it starting after an amazing two decades.

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