Van goes to the paint shop

My Westfalia went off to the paint shop, and the good news is that there was very little rust and none of it was serious. As you can see from the picture the engine hatch needed replacement, I think many get bumped into or bent. The paint job will be a bright orange with a pearl white two tone at the top. The interior will be pearl white with components from a 1970 model, at least the sink/cooler and extra seat as mentioned previously.

Other issues have surfaced, someone put front seats from what might be a Dodge van, it’s not so obvious at first glance, however they cut out the VW seat rails which means it would be tough to put the originals back in. I’m told the solution is to find some Toyota van seats which should bolt right into the frame. Also, a couple of door locks don’t work from the outside indicating they might be from another vehicle. One shop I called said that’s quite common and that they could make keys for the locks for about 70 dollars a unit.

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6 Comments on “Van goes to the paint shop”

  1. Sam Stevens Says:

    I look forward to seeing the “after” shots! On my recent paint job, they had to replace the rocker panels. I think I got a pretty good deal: they did the body work and the paint job for $500.

  2. campery Says:

    Good job. Now its look likes new camper

  3. G Says:

    Always a nerve wracking moment that. The potential discovery of something you weren’t expecting. Hope it all goes well and look forward to seeing the ‘after’

  4. Brookie Says:

    Also have “orange” Kombi- just got back today with new motor- nearly new rebuilt 1500ks ago-now it is mobile we can start on rest

  5. Leonardo Says:

    Hello, I would like to cantact you to make some questions about westfalia. Can you writte me to my mail??


  6. Nim Says:

    I’ve also got a pumpkin-colored Westy, a 1977. I’d love to hear more of your VW stories!

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