“Campervan Crazy” book on VW Campers

Camper Van Crazy

Here’s another book by David Eccles, I’ve already ordered his other publication on VW camper interiors. This one focuses more on people and travels apparently. Should be a good read. Don’t forget his magazine as well.

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5 Comments on ““Campervan Crazy” book on VW Campers”

  1. moochy Says:

    Came across your blog. I’m a campervan nut too. Just sayig Hi.

  2. bumbhead Says:


  3. Rachael Says:

    Whats the craic? I’d luv to rock out in a 1970’s camper van. Tryin to buy one here in Ireland but it’s difficult :L Any advice?

  4. Guy in Vancouver BC Says:

    I have a 1974 Wesfalia Van with less than 43,000 kilometers guysteeves@gmail.com in Vancouver BC Canda e-mail me for pics and the Van’s story!

  5. […] is perhaps the most campervan crazy nation on the planet. Even inclement weather cannot stop the staunch stalwarts in their efforts to […]

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