Japanese Replica VW Vans

Japanese VW van look-a-like September 27, 2006, I thought these were exclusive to Japan, but I’ve found that there is at least one company in the UK selling these clever little VW van look-a-likes. They’ve also been spotted in Canada where you can purchase imported used right hand drive Japanese cars that are at least 15 years old. The irony is that these vans, even before modification, were clearly inspired by the original Volkswagen vans. With flat nose design and engine tucked in the rear these critters already have a lot of VW spirit in them. This car sales company is selling them for around 6,000 pounds or about US $12,000. In looking through used car sites in Japan I’ve seen them for as low as US $2,000 used. They’re very basic and modified from more than one make of Japanese minivan. As Volkswagen has stayed out of the affordable van market for sometime it’s refreshing to see these colorful replicas, but are they legit with regard to VW and it’s copyright logo? Here’s a Motoring World video that sums up the fun of the VW replica van.

Finally, someone has done a bay window replica, looks good.

VW Replica Bay Windoe Van

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16 Comments on “Japanese Replica VW Vans”

  1. Aleli Says:

    Love it.. just love it. im from de US .. i have a question…can i have one
    of those here?
    I just love this car so much
    I hop you can answer me.


  2. Hey Aleli: I know the replica VW vans are being imported into Canada from Japan, through Vancouver I think. Haven’t heard of any in the U.S., but you never know.

  3. walter wright Says:

    Love it…want it…

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  5. craftapple Says:

    Saw some of these on our visit to Taipei. They are SO CUTE! I wanted on immediately, but couldn’t find them on any VW site. Thanks for clearing up the confusion! They were being used as little buisinesses – roasting hotdogs or mini nail salons. Fun!

  6. omegafocus Says:

    Hi, Where in and who in Vancouver imports these? I want one and would have it shipped to Ottawa

  7. This is my site where it shows how it builds in Poland such VW replicas https://www.facebook.com/TransVWestiT/

  8. My Fun Page Facebook – Gas Mańki Garage TransVWestiT

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