Good interior layout, custom Riviera

I saw a great Riviera camper at a VW show this summer.  I talked to the owner who said the sink/stove combination was out of some non Volkswagen RV and that it just happen to fit perfectly.  That brings into question, should one strictly go for the original interior or what’s best for you?  I believe that since most interior conversions were made by third party companies you should make your van right for your needs.  This one came out so well he was able to get collector status with the auto insurance company which usually means having everything stock.  As there were so many variations I guess they just keep track of exterior body details and dash radios.

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2 Comments on “Good interior layout, custom Riviera”

  1. Vanster Says:

    That’s a great looking kitchen on that Riviera. Wonder where you could get one. The burners look a little close to the curtains and driver’s seat but that is often an issue with small RVs. You could get a deflector if it doesn’t already have one. I’m looking to redo my V-dub camper too. 🙂

  2. Ruqfrebt Says:

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