The Framptons have driven them all!

Frampton 74 VW camperThe Framptons have an interesting page that chronicles their long relationship with Volkswagen campers. From a modified beetle to the Eurovan they evolved with the company’s products touting the advantages of each new offering. However, I can’t help but notice 2 significant points on their Web site. One extols the virtues of their first bay window model, how it was better suited to long distance travel than the splitty before it. The other is a comment about giving up their Eurovan in 2002, quote, “Maintenance issues finally ended our relationship with the van. We just got tired of trying to resolve them.” It seems the Euros need some pretty specialized care. In fact a friend of mine who bought a used Eurovan told me how he had to pay $700 for what amounted to a tune up. The engine is at the front and really hemmed in there. The Type IIs on the other hand can still be repaired by anyone with do-it-yourself know how and a little elbow grease. I’m feeling better every day about my decision to go with a ’74 Westy.

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