British company continues with new Type II VW campers

Danbury Motor Caravans is continuing with their camper conversions of Brazilian made Danbury CamperType II Volkswagen vans. In December 2005 the last air cooled boxer motors officially ceased production in Brazil. The new water cooled engines are more efficient, but sadly as I update this post in March 2013 Volkswagen Brazil will stop making the Type II bus at the end of the year. I’m reasonably sure these cannot be imported to North America. I wrote to Danbury and they said they could send one across the Atlantic no problem, the government is another issue. However, Brazilian Kombis have been seen in Japan. More on that in a future post. Restoration is the best way to get yourself a Westfalia in the states or Canada, unless you’re lucky enough to find that dream machine that’s been sitting in a heated garage all these years. Here are related posts with video: Lucky Customers pick up their BRAND NEW VW T2 Campers and Video Tour Danbury Motor Caravans – New Type II VW Camper

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4 Comments on “British company continues with new Type II VW campers”

  1. Brian Says:

    Can these be imported to USA or Canada?
    I am sure there would be a market for this in North America

  2. Hi Brian: As I mentioned in the post I don’t think they can be brought in to North America period. Past changes for vehicle standards in the US and Canada have seen cars like the old mini and the bay window VW van being shunned even though they were still in production. Yes, wouldn’t it be great if the Danbury campers were allowed in. In fact the whole mini-camper market is underserved in North America. Thanks.

  3. D Ryan Says:

    We have a Bedford CF2 campervan, we need a supplier for parts. It’s a 1988 E reg and we feel that it might be a import. At present we are awaiting the log book. Any ideas as to who and where we can get parts.

  4. […] another video from Danbury Motorcaravans in the UK. They take new Brazilian made baywindow buses and fit them out like the old days. […]

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