Purchased! 1974 Westfalia

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I’m now the owner of this fine 1974 VW Westfalia. It has the stove and fridge, but no sink, I suspect it was removed. I’ll either replace it or get a custom interior. The body is in really great shape, was repainted at some stage. Engine is good, 2nd gear is sticky, having that looked at. Lots of room, fewer cabinets in ’74 means a bigger bed downstairs. 1974 was the first year of the double upper bunk so it sleeps 4 no problem. All the gauges in the cockpit are in surprisingly good condition. For 32 years old this vehicle is in respectable condition. Get ready for camping VW style!

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9 Comments on “Purchased! 1974 Westfalia”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yes, but how fast does it do zero to sixty? What is the maximum number of people you could cram into a VW camper, as in the most people you could fit inside a phone booth?

  2. Hi Tim: Zero to sixty? Don’t hold your breath as these babies weren’t built for speed. There are those however, who have performance engines and suspensions. The standard bay window passenger van holds about 9 people legally. The Westies hold 5 comfortably.

  3. svlyn Says:

    I have one, I have traveled from British Columbia to Las Vegas, San Degio and back. Also traveled 3000 miles accross Canada. They are SLOW. But hey, when your in a Westy time has no meaning. Holding three to five very comfortably. Anymore then five and you will need a horse to help the engine get up hills.

    Btw mine is orange too, just finished the body work, so it has no rust as well;)

  4. Blacksmith Says:

    I have a 74 westy too, I have the sink, but no stove/fridge…..if you are replacing the interior, would you be willing to sell the stove/fridge? thanks!

  5. I’m afraid my old components are already gone. However, since the ’74 – ’75 sink/fridge and stoves weren’t as popular you should be able to locate them a bit easier. A good place to start is the Samba, http://thesamba.com

  6. RGIBZ Says:

    I have just purchased a 74 westfalia and its also orange!Theres very little rust and the motor and trans are almost brand new!The vinyl top has been redone less than a year ago but i am noticing a lot of condensation on the inside of the roof on cold mornings. Has anyone had the same problem or even better tried to insulate it with anything? I was thinking soam 15mm headliner foam and some marine vinyl, it could be done for quite cheap but worried about rot. Want to et it straightened out before driving round BC

  7. underground vw Says:

    Hey, I own a 74 that I just got back from the body shop after almost 3 years. Anyways it has the fridge, stove, and sink which all work as far as I can tell. unfortunately to speed up the return of my bus I got it back completely disassemblied and now am working on sorting out and putting everything back on. I need the canvass for the pop up. Anyone know where to buy one for a decent price?

  8. Rusty Says:

    I got my 74 (orange) Westy a few years ago and have been working at if for a while. Last project was new seat covers. Not pictured yet on the web page. Camping is a great. Enjoy ….. it will be great when you get it the way you want it. It is amazing how these type 2’s get into your blood, and wallet

    Rusty’s Westy

  9. i like velvet seat covers because the texture is very special and i find it easy to clean ,”,

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