American couple travel the world in a ’78 Westy

The Ligatos are Richard and Amanda, another adventurous couple who have once again chosen an air cooled Type II Volkswagen Westfalia as their ticket to adventure. Just why do so many people to this day select a vehicle that has been out of production, with the exception of Brazil, since 1979? Thrifty, practical, friendly, loyal, these are words owners have used to describe this 20th century icon of freedom. I recall driving down the Oregon coast in the summer of 1990 in my dad’s orange 1973 Campmobile. It handled beautifully, the view from the wheel was a panorama skirting past the sand dunes and foggy beaches. The Ligatos’ site is full of such memories and much more with details any traveler would appreciate, in fact they’ve written a book. A favorite page is their “success and failure” section which gives an unbiased look at travel gear. Their journeys have taken them through the continental U.S. Mexico where Amanda is originally from, South America, and Africa. Top marks to Richard and Amanda!

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