Dutch adventurer chooses classic VW camper

GlobusThirty something Michel Albregts lives the dream and in 2004 drove from the Netherlands to the tip of India with his girlfriend in a camper named Globus. He had sponsors and says he still lost around twenty-five thousand dollars, but adds that the experience was well worth it. A fan of the 70s he bought his first VW camper, named Joop, at age 18 and traveled around Europe. Since then his travels have expanded taking him far and wide. I think a lot of the attraction, other than his adventurous nature, is his mode of transportation. His site has changed drastically in recent years, but you can still find some of the old info at the Internet Archive. Hats off to a travel hero!

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3 Comments on “Dutch adventurer chooses classic VW camper”

  1. Michel Says:

    How nice to see my own website back. Thanks guys for publishing! Dreaming of my next trip with Globus: The Panamericana! From Alaska to Argentina…


  2. Ian Says:

    I always want to do the distance but I always panic and think about breakdown! I am getting to the point where I’m thinking “if it happens , it happens” maybe this summer!
    Everytime I read this type of story I get a little closer to booking the ferry and venturing over the channel with every faith in the aircooled engine!
    Thanks for taking me one step closer to believing it is possible in a 35 year old vehicle!

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