ABC’s Barbara Walters explores Teri Hatcher’s air cooled Volkswagen camper…

Update July 2013: I recently came across the TV interview on Youtube. By the way it’s a microbus not a “minibus.”

This subject came to my attention when a friend sent me an article, knowing my obsession with Westies, about Teri Hatcher’s victory in a lawsuit against a British tabloid. The Daily Sport alleged that the Desperate Housewives star had sex*romps in her van, an allegation she denied. To me this is but a sidebar to the real story which is that a famous actress owns a classic Volkswagen camper. In fact Teri was interviewed by Barbara Walters on TV which prompted the following comment in a forum at the Volkswagen site

Terri Hatcher VanQuote from theSamba forum: “Barbara Walters just didn’t get it. When it was done she said something to the effect of ‘But really… You have plenty of money, surely you can afford something a little nicer now.’ She probably had one of her personal assistants place a towel under her*ass before she sat down. Absolutely no clue how the other half lives, she lost a lot of my respect as a journalist with that statement.”

The actual post on theSamba hs since been removed.
Post subject: Teri Hatcher’s interviewed in her VW Camper on Barbara Walters

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One Comment on “ABC’s Barbara Walters explores Teri Hatcher’s air cooled Volkswagen camper…”

  1. David Raymer Says:

    That’s a seriously cool van. Teri, if you ever need a driving buddy…

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