Brazil stops making aircooled motors

The end of an era, Volkswagen Brazil (Brasil) has announced that it will cease production of air cooled boxer motors for it’s Type II VW vans in December 2005. This is the last place they’re being built, but the ever popular budget priced Type II Kombi vans will continue to be produced with water cooled engines to meet environmental standards. Brazilians have a long love affair with VW vans starting in 1957 with the Type I, or “Splitty,” which was produced there until the mid 70’s. In a seemingly related action Danbury Motor Caravans in the U.K. will soon stop production of their air cooled Brazilian Type II camper conversions. It’s not clear whether they will continue on with the water cooled variety, I’m guessing they will. Interestingly, the new water cooled motors will be 1.4 liter as opposed to the air cooled 1.6.


Volkswagen Brasil Kombi Page
Danbury Motor Caravans – Type II Camper

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