Danbury Motorcaravans Spring Open Weekend 2018

Posted March 12, 2018 by vivawestfalia
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Danbury Motorcaravans are holding their Spring 2018 Open Weekend on March 17-18th at their headquarters in England. If you’re in the U.K. and near Bristol this would be a lot of fun. If I could be there I’d seriously be looking at this bad boy, a 2012 VW T2 Rio. Although it is counter to my air-cooled sensibilities I must admit it is one cool ride. Hmm, I think I’d add a roof rack over the cab. I imagine the interior is what VW Westfalia conversions would have evolved to had our German friends been allowed to continue the manufacture of bay window buses post 1979. (this being a 2012 water-cooled T2 from Brazil)

From their newsletter:  “Join us for our Spring Open Weekend, at our Bristol HQ, where you can view our full range of Danbury Campervans and also join in with some family-fun activities!”

“Find Your Next Campervan Here!” http://www.danburymotorcaravans.com/stock/







“When I’m Rich I’ll Have My Own VW Garage”

Posted February 3, 2018 by vivawestfalia
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I occasionally  point out to my friends someone rich and famous who doesn’t own any vintage Volkswagens, for example I’ll say something like; “…do you know how many Volkswagens Madonna owns?…That’s right none! All that money and no air-cooled VWs.” Now here’s a guy I understand, comedian Gabriel Iglesias had a Volkswagen split window bus that was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. After his visit to Jay’s a light bulb went on, as Gabriel was doing very well in his career he decided to start his own Leno like garage except devoted almost exclusively to air-cooled buses!!! Did he say thirty vintage buses? The collection must be worth several million dollars! Remember we love our buses because……….we love our buses! Not because they’re worth a lot of money these days. Enjoy this video tour by Salomondrin on YouTube.

’55 VW Panel Bus Rescue

Posted January 18, 2018 by vivawestfalia
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This is stuff dreams are made of, imagine finding this gem in the forest. However, these guys take it to the limit by driving it out of the woods! It wasn’t easy, but they had all the right friends to help out. If not for the tin roofing covering the Volkswagen it might have been in much worse condition after four decades in the trees. YouTube‘s “Florian George” presents, “RESURRECTION – Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan – Forest find !

Camper Jam 2017 in Golden B.C.

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This is the other Camper Jam in Golden British Columbia. Western Canada is a great place to have a Volkswagen camper, meandering roads that head toward the Rocky Mountains etc. Golden is a pleasant town in the southeastern corner of the province near the B.C/Alberta border. This year has been particular bad for forest fires in B.C., but the air quality looked good at the event. Many Bay Window buses were in attendance. Credit and “thank you” to Milton Westy on YouTube for documenting the gathering so nicely.


Matt Wants A VW Bus – MattsRadShow

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This is a really well produced video that looks at the Volkswagen bus from the perspective of someone who is just starting their hunt for an affordable yet usable one. Join MattsRadShow as he visits Jerry at J.A.C. Auto, also a special guest appearance by his nephew “J” owner of Sunset Classics which often has vintage VW buses for sale. This is like a mini movie/documentary, thank you Matt!


International Couple Tour In ’73 VW Hightop Bus

Posted August 5, 2017 by vivawestfalia
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I just found this couple on Youtube touring the States in their 1973 Hightop Volkswagen Bus. They are trying to do their bit for the environment  with things like vegan food, but their one weakness is the vintage VW, gas mileage can be as good as 25 MPG…with a tail wind. They seem to have at least one dog which must be a bit of a challenge. However, in the continental U.S. it is possible to follow the sun. Look for them on Youtube, channel name: Wandxr Bus

Spotted: Bay Window Bus in an old Burger Chef Commercial

Posted February 4, 2017 by vivawestfalia
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Burger who? It’s funny to think that this one time fast food giant was once serious competition for McDonald’s. My personal experience as a child, the food was so-so and the giveaways were fairly lame, but the restaurant buildings were very nicely designed. While the very last Burger Chef is said to have disappeared as late as 1996 this TV commercial looks to be  from 1971, the chain’s heyday in the early to mid 70s. A kids football team heads in to their local Burger Chef for some food after the game. Below, some screen capture highlights for VW van fans.


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